NaviCell Features

Map browsing by Google™ Map engine
Easy map navigation and its annotations using Google maps™ engine. The logic of navigation as scrolling and zooming; features as markers, pop-up bubbles and zoom bar are adapted from the Google map
Semantic zoom for viewing different levels of details on the map
NaviCell semantic zooming provides possibility for map exploring from detailed toward a top-level view achieved by gradual exclusion of details while zooming out.
Web blog for collecting community feedback
NaviCell contains a web-based blog system WordPress for collecting feedbacks. The blog system creates a basis for knowledge sharing between specialists in the corresponding domain and maps managers of NaviCell.
Data Visualization Web Service
NaviCell now includes a powerful module for data visualization. Users can map and visualize different types of "omics" data on the NaviCell maps. There is also a Python API for computational biologist who would like to automate tasks and communicate with the NaviCell web server. See our dedicated page for more details.