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components of tumoral microenvironment

  • Access to: Cancer-Associated Fibroblast (CAF) Map
  • Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) are key non-immune players in tumor microenvironment which participate in tumor growth and drive metastatic process and local immunosuppression. The CAF map represent molecular interactions involved in the role of CAFs in tumoral microenvironment (TME). The map is divided into 11 functional modules: 'Integrin signaling pathways', 'Motility', 'Matrix regulation', 'Growth factors production', 'Interaction with tumoral cells', 'Markers of fibroblast activation', 'TReg modulators', 'Cytokines and chemokines production', 'Inflammatory signaling pathways', 'Core signaling', 'Growth factors signaling pathways'. The module 'Treg modulation' describes the regulatory T-cell key modulators described in literature, for some of which their specific role is only partially shown in fibroblasts. The map describes 681 chemical species (post-translational modifications of 303 proteins and 87 genes) connected by 581 reactions. The constructions of the map was based on 358 manually curated articles including 50 reviews, the majority of which are dated by the 2010-2016 period.