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  • Access to: Cell Cycle (RB-E2F) molecular interaction map
  • RB-E2F is a detailed and manually curated comprehensive map of molecular interactions of the cell cycle in the context of the retinoblastoma protein (RB/RB1). Cell cycle players and RB pathway are deregulated in most of human cancers.

    The RB-E2F map contains 78 proteins, 176 genes, 99 protein complexes, 165 chemical reactions and based on 350 publications. The map has modular organization and is composed of 17 interconnected functional modules.

    Calzone L, Gelay A, Zinovyev A, Radvanyi F, Barillot E. A comprehensive modular map of molecular interactions in RB/E2F pathway. Mol Syst Biol 2008 4: 173. PMID